The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation has been hosting Christian groups for a full day educational experience that includes a tour of the Efrat area. CJCUC is located close to Bethlehem (the birthplace of Jesus), the holy city of Jerusalem, and “Derekh Ha-Avot,” the path of our Biblical patriarchs where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob brought God’s word to the world. The dialogue that takes place during the visits to these nearby biblical sites adds a unique spiritual dimension that cannot be found in other tours to Israel.

Seminars are based on Bible study, the relationship of Jesus to Jewish tradition, contemporary Jewish and Christian theology, and the religious significance of Israel in Jewish and Christian tradition. Groups can also choose one of the following topics: (1) Covenant and Mission of Jews and Christians; (2) The Land of Israel, (3) Satan, Original Sin, Evil & Free Will; (4) The Ten Commandments; (5) Insights into the Talmud; (6) The Names of God; (7) Toward a Sacred Calendar; (8) Prophecy; (9) The Messiah and End of Days and (10) Human Life Created in God’s Image.

For pastors and leaders seeking a deeper understanding into Christian-Jewish relations, CJCUC encourages groups to lodge on its premises and participate in seminars on an intensive interactive level. In these seminars participants can also study Jewish-Christian Hermeneutics of the Bible, the Plight of Christians under Arab-Muslim Authorities, and the Religious Significance of Jerusalem.

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To inquire more about reserving a full day or a two day learning experience at CJCUC, call 972-2-548-8466 or email us at