Day to Praise Israel Independence Day 2017 Worship Music

Worship Music from the Day to Praise Israel Independence Day 2017 event:
00:00 Who Raises Up (Mikimi) Psalm 113
03:21 Not To Us (Psalm 115)
09:01 I Love the L-rd (Psalm 116)
14:30 Praise the L-rd All You Nations (Psalm 117)

The Hebrew song of Mikimi is from psalm 113:5-8

Who is like the Lord our God who causes Himself to sit most high. Who brings Himself down low to look upon the Heavens and the Earth. He raises up the poor from the dust; from the trash-heap he elevates the needy. He seats them with nobles, with the nobles of His people.

Mi’k’Adonai Elohei’nu ha’mag’bihi lashavet, Ha’mash’pili li’rot Ba’sha’mayim uva’aretz. M’kimi mei’afar dal, mei’ashpot yarim evyon, l’ho’shivi im ni’divim, im ni’di’vei amo.