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  • Does G-d Need a PR Agent? (Episode 20)

    In Psalms 115:2, King David, somewhat echoing Moses after the episode of the Golden Calf, seems concerned for G-d’s reputation. Why should G-d care about what people think about Him? […]

  • Is G-d’s Covenant Eternal or Conditional? (Episode 19)

    Christians and Jews have spent millenia debating whether G-d’s promises to Abraham were contingent upon Israel’s good behavior, or whether they would take place no matter what. In this episode […]

  • King David at the Hard Rock Cafe (Episode 18)

    In a choice of ending a psalm between two miracles – water from a rock or the splitting of the sea – it would make sense to go the Charlton […]

  • God of Jacob, not God of Israel? (Episode 17)

    Psalms 114:7 describes the Lord as the “God of Jacob” – a phrase which appears only nine times in the Hebrew Bible, and all of them from the pen of […]

  • Missed in Translation (Episode 16)

    Many of the translations of Psalms 114:5 invoke negative language into the verse such as “What ails you, O Sea?” or “What’s wrong.” However, the Hebrew original does not indicate […]

  • Rejoicing with Trembling (Episode 15)

    Psalms 114:4 tells us that the Mount Sinai “danced” at the moment of the great Revelation of the Torah. But Exodus 19:18 states that Mount Sinai “trembled violently.” So which […]

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