PraiseGate: Did Rabbi Wolicki Limit Praising G-d? (Episode 41)

One of our most controversial podcasts was episode 6, when Rabbi Pesach Wolicki suggested, based on Psalms 113:3, that night is not the proper time to praise G-d. Many people found this troubling: shouldn’t we praise the Lord all the time? How can there be times when praising G-d is inappropriate? In this special Passover edition of the Cup of Salvation Podcast, Rabbi Wolicki and David Nekrutman delve deeper into the idea that certain times are designed for praise, while others are not. They also discuss the connection between this idea and the Passover Seder, and deal with the question of why, despite the fact that praise is a daytime activity, we still say the verses of Hallel on the first night of Passover.