Do You Fear The Lord, or Are You a Fearer of The Lord?

Psalms 115:11 says, “O fearers of the Lord trust in the Lord; He is their helper and their shield” – a nice sentiment indeed. But as usual, David Nekrutman and Rabbi Pesach Wolicki ask penetrating questions in order to discover the deeper meaning implicit in the words. The Psalmist already instructed Israel and the House of Aaron to trust in the Lord in the previous verses, so who is being referenced in this third category? What is the difference between fearing the Lord and being a Fearer of the Lord? What is the Biblical Principle of First Usage? And what does any of this have to do with the time Rabbi Wolicki was on stage with Penn and Teller? Listen to the Cup of Salvation Podcast to gain a deeper appreciation for Scripture, and to deepen your relationship with G-d.

This podcast is a tribute to Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg.

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